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Aug 7

Tennis Elbow: Causes and Treatment

Elbow pain is a condition of the elbow joint that leads to restricted movement of the elbow hindering normal daily movements. The elbow is a ball-and-socket joint, which is the conjunction point for your upper and lower arm. The elbow joint involves three types of bones – the humerus, the radius and ulna. Together these […]

Jul 18

Frozen Shoulder: Causes and treatment

Shoulder problems are not uncommon. We frequently see people at our chiropractic clinic in Barrie, complaining about their shoulder stiffness or numbness. Mostly it’s either pain caused by wrong posture or lifting and sports activities or it’s a case of frozen shoulder. When it comes to shoulders, frozen shoulder is a more typical condition that […]

Jul 1

Orthotic Motivation

As a chiropractor I have been prescribing and providing orthotics to my patients in Barrie, Ontario for nearly 20 years.  I have seen huge advancements in the practice during this time, but I have also seen many practitioners and individuals trying to capitalize on a lucrative market. The forces that drive healthcare are often not […]

Apr 28

10 Tips to Relieve Neck Pain

Chiropractic clinics these days get a lot of patients suffering from neck pain. Long working hours in front of the computer, irregular diet and improper posture are some of the contributing factors. So how can you help yourself? How can you avoid or get rid of the neck pain? Don’t worry, there are a few […]

Apr 8

Chiropractor in Barrie on Seasonally Dependent Diagnoses

My name is Dr. Ronald T. Linzner. I’ve been a practicing chiropractor in Barrie for nearly twenty years now. In these twenty years I’ve learnt a few things and have seen a few trends. One of the major trends that I’ve noticed is, seasonally dependent diagnosis. Since it’s not a common term, I’ll explain it […]

Mar 17

Causes and Symptoms of lower back pain

Lower back pain is a very common problem these days. With the busy life, low nutrition and irregular sleep we all tend to develop weak muscles that lead to backaches. The most common cause of acute lower back pain is the damage of muscles and ligaments in the lower back. While a muscle strain doesn’t […]