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Barrie Custom Orthotics

We offer a full line of custom made orthotics in both dress and sport models. We also carry two full product lines of orthopedic shoes, sandals and boots. Most of our products are Footmaxx, but we also offer all Orthotic Group products to our patients. These are the very best products available.

Family Foot Care Products

These are just some of the orthotic products available at our chiropractic clinic in Barrie. Stop in to see full lines or I can put you on to our online catalogue.

Find Orthotic Products at Chiropractic Clinic

Every patient in need of orthotics is examined personally by Dr. Ron. Walking analysis is conducted and every patient is scanned with the Footmaxx pressure plate. The computer software is then able to calculate the exact prescription for the patient. This insures that the product is correct each and every time. We stand behind our products and offer patients all the support they will ever need.

Footmaxx Pressure Analysis Plate | Barrie Orthotics

The turn around time for orthotics is generally 5 business days or one week, however, in emergencies we can have them in two days.

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