Your Chiropractor, your friend for life

While choosing a chiropractor in Barrie look for a chiropractor for life rather than a chiropractor who is interested in the number of times that they can see you. This can be a very important and tedious decision to make. I recently found my appointment book from 1996. June 26 of that year was my first day. That makes it nearly 20 years that I have been a chiropractor in Barrie. That was before computer booking and appointments and everything was on paper. I went through that book and found some very interesting dates. I found that there was a day booked off in late September for the birth of my daughter. I found a day booked in August for my second anniversary and a day in November for the move in our first home.

Going through that appointment book I found some other interesting things. The patients’ names from my first day are and were very special. Some of them are older now and unable to visit but still call and send things on the holidays. Some of them remember seeing my kids just after they were born and some of them are no longer with us. These people have helped me live a very good life in Barrie as a chiropractor and as a parent. Then I looked at my appointment book from this week and I realized that I must have made an impression on some of these patients over the years. Three patients from my first day were in this week and many others are still in my patient roster. They have all grown older and stayed pretty well and have continued to visit after nearly 20 years. I introduced two of those patients to each other as people that were here on my very first day and both said things that made me feel very proud. I have looked after them for years and they have, in turn, looked after me. It was at this time that I realized that I had made it. I had made it to the point where I am looked at as the chiropractor in Barrie, people want to go to. This is a great feeling and something that makes me feel proud of myself.

I look forward to at least a few of the patients that were here on my first day being here in 30 years on my last day telling their friends that they know the best chiropractor in Barrie. If you want a chiropractor that does things the right way and someone who will be here to look after you always, then give me a call. I am a chiropractor, I make and distribute high quality orthotics and have well trained massage therapist on staff here that treats people like I do.

See You soon.

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