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Aug 25

7 ways to have a healthy spine

Need a chiropractor for back pain treatment? Back pain is very common these days. Being an experienced chiropractor myself I can tell that every chiropractic clinic in Barrie is overflowing with appointments for back pain treatment and demand of orthotics for back pain relief. Though once you start suffering from chronic back pain, you have […]

Aug 25

Is It Your Time For Custom Orthotics?

Simcoe County Chiropractic Clinic and it’s founder Dr Ronald T. Linzner (Dr Ron) have been at the forefront of Barrie’s orthotics distribution business since 1998. It was customary to make orthotics from plaster or foam casts of the patients feet at that time and that is what Dr Ron was doing. Like most others there […]

Aug 10

Get rid of your back pain today!

There is a time when everyone needs to see a chiropractor. If that time for you is now you will need to choose the best chiropractor in your area. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Barrie Ontario, visit Dr Ronald Linzner. Dr Ron is the best chiropractor in Barrie for several reasons. First […]