Is It Your Time For Custom Orthotics?

Simcoe County Chiropractic Clinic and it’s founder Dr Ronald T. Linzner (Dr Ron) have been at the forefront of Barrie’s orthotics distribution business since 1998. It was customary to make orthotics from plaster or foam casts of the patients feet at that time and that is what Dr Ron was doing. Like most others there was a certain amount of guesswork in the process in order to get an adequate amount of correction and allow the patient to resume normal function. It was a process that often required alteration of the initial orthotics in order to get the patient to be happy and comfortable with their new feet. Custom orthotics were indeed custom orthotics, but they were in need of too much alteration and as such took a much longer to get from the need for orthotics stage to the stage where all was perfect and the patient was happy.

In 1998, Dr Ronald Linzner met with a salesman from the Footmaxx company of Toronto and investigated the new technology at the time called a dynamic gait scanner. It was capable of tracking the contact phase of the patients gait. In other words he was able to see everything that happened to the foot while it was in contact with the ground. This allowed more exact readings of the patients degree of abnormality and thus a more accurate correction. The technology was cutting edge at that time and Dr Ronald Linzner was one of the first to utilize this equipment in the Barrie area. The orhtotics were so accurate in fact that it was several years from the first orthotic made with the Footmaxx system for even one patient to require alterations. They were comfortable and functional from the start.

Dr Linzner still uses the Footmaxx system today although the scanner is now upgraded to a much more sensitive and detailed one. The materials in the orthotics are also steadily changing. What hasn’t changed is the commitment to quality and the degree of care given to each and every patient. Recently, there have been some insurance carriers that require old fashioned casting as well as digital force plate results to create orthotics. Dr Linzner has allowed this to filter back into the practice in order that all patients may benefit from the advanced orthotic capabilities of Simcoe County Chiropractic Clinic in Barrie, Ontario. I think the best place to get orthotics made that will help not only your feet, but your entire spine as well.

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