Barrie Orthotics: Benefits and Use

It’s that time of the year again when most people reset their health plans. Making diet plans, getting enrolled in a gym, visiting their dentist for a painful tooth, visiting a chiropractor for back pain, everything comes into picture as the year ends. Everyone wants to start afresh.

On January 1st of the new year, most patients with healthcare plans start out in full force to get full benefits. This is great, but many people don’t realize that by waiting on something that they essentially need right away, they’re putting themselves at a disadvantage.

Orthotics and Insurance

Your plan may cover one pair of orthotics every calendar year. If you require orthotics right now, it’ll be better to have a pair for work and home,or sports immediately. If you purchase a new pair in November or December, and absolutely love them, you can purchase another pair in January. This gives you two functional pairs. Having a second pair that you can rotate, makes both pairs last longer and makes it easier since you don’t have to transfer them shoe-to-shoe.

I’ve been wearing orthotics for nearly 25 years and prescribing and supplying them to my patients for over 20 years now at my chiropractic clinic in Barrie, and I can tell you from personal experience that multiple pairs are a blessing.

Planning your orthotics

I’m going to be taking an extended vacation soon in order to have a surgery completed that I have been putting off for a while. I’m not sure exactly when yet, but I assume before the end of the year. It’s for that reason that I’m mentioning this to my patients, especially those that have had orthotics in the past. It’s a good idea to get in sooner than later so that they can be done to your satisfaction and completed in time. While I’m away, there will be a substitute doctor in the office. However, while their experience in the Footmaxx system may not be what you are used to, they certainly will be capable of performing all other procedures that our office requires.

Things that are important to realize with orthotics is that they do change over the time and so does a patient’s gait, also, they break down in sometime. They’re made of man-made materials, and over the time these do deteriorate and require replacing. In our office, we do examine used orthotics and repair and replace as necessary. Sometimes, your old orthotic is still functional and it may be handed down to your less frequently worn footwear, giving you a second pair.

What you should know about orthotics

Important things to know about orthotics are the advances in the last couple of years. Orthotics are now being made thinner, lighter and more resilient. Some of the top covers are now silver impregnated and do not emit foot odour. It’s quite possible to put your nose into a shoe with an orthotic and not be bowled over by the smell. Our clinic is able to provide you with all these advances. Our Footmaxx system has been upgraded with the latest technology providing accurate and more detailed scans. We still offer foam casting in addition to the Footmaxx system to appease insurance companies requiring this method in conjunction with the digital scan. This ensures the patient receives a pleasant seamless experience.

How do orthotics work?

Simcoe County Chiropractic | Barrie Custom OrthoticsOrthotics are built and made to correct function. A digital scan provides a real-time image of the pressures and gait of the patient. We’re able to see where a patient’s foot impacts first, where it rolls outward or inward and compare that to what is visualized when the patient is observed walking. From this, we’re able to design an orthotic that will unweight the pressure areas and take torque and pressure off your hips, knees and low back. By doing this, we essentially correct the foundation that the rest of your spine is balanced on. With a strong foundation, patients are able to walk longer, further and faster. They’re able to lift more, balance better and work longer hours without issues arising from uncorrected gait and pressure. All these factors are important because they increase productivity.

If a person is healthier and better able to do things, productivity goes up, and the price of the orthotic becomes substantially less. In our office, we have been designing and prescribing orthotics for over 20 years and our methods have improved with time and technology. Today’s patient with orthotics is happier, finding they fit in more footwears and making an overall pleasurable experience.

If you are interested in purchasing orthotics in Barrie, please contact us during office hours and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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