Orthotics in Barrie – Why experience counts

If you live in Barrie, orthotics are offered by many chiropractic clinics, however, it’s important to do your research and find a chiropractic clinic in Barrie that will work with you to ensure the best orthotic experience.

If you need orthotics and live in Barrie, we are the place and here is why.  In the modern age, most clinics are offering some sort of computerized gait scan to diagnose and manufacture orthotics.  We were one of the first chiropractic clinics in Barrie to do this but now we are not the only one.  I have been using the Footmaxx system since 1997.  That is 20 years of experience with computerized gait scanning and orthotic prescription.

Why our chiropractic clinic in Barrie for orthotics?

If you are ready to order custom orthotics in Barrie, then you should go to the clinic where the doctor has the most experience in ordering and designing the orthotics.  During our many years of experience, we’ve worked with patients with varied cases and needs.  This has enabled us to make better recommendations and also see better and longer lasting results.

Many clinics are now using the same software, so you need to decide based on the experience of the doctor to get the best orthotics in Barrie.  The software can assess the pressure points and design a basic module but the orthotic must be built on that module by an expert.  This step is crucial.  If the orthotic is not designed well, then it will be tougher to get in your shoes or too bulky and will be harder to wear.  This results in return visits to the clinic to get the orthotic re-fitted.

It is the job of the doctor to make your orthotics easy to wear so that you can use them as often as possible.

Working with our chiropractor to select the right orthotics

Barrie Orthotics Custom Made
There have been many new products developed by our suppliers in the last year that are making a patient’s experiences enjoyable. We can design orthotics made with graphite and silver impregnated top covers that absorb odors. There are special orthotics designed to meet the stringent requirements of certain sports. We can even make an orthotic custom fit to your hockey or figure skates. Flip flops have often been the nemesis of chiropractic patients and now they are available with built in orthotics for our patients.

At our chiropractic clinic in Barrie, orthotics are even built-in to custom made shoes for our patients. The possibilities are increasing everyday.

If you are experiencing foot pain, knee pain or low back pain, now is a perfect time to be assessed to see if you may benefit from orthotic therapy. We offer a complimentary assessment with all initial orthotic visits. Today’s technology, along with our extensive experience, ensures a quality product that provides correction of the gait and ultimately the relief of discomfort and pain. If you live in Barrie or are just visiting and require or simply would like more information on orthotics, contact our chiropractic clinic in Barrie and we would be pleased to help you. We are your stop for orthotics in Barrie.

If you are interested in purchasing orthotics in Barrie, please contact us during office hours and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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