Chiropractic is the best choice for back pain

Chiropractic is simply very effective for back pain. There is a huge problem, an epidemic even, with back trouble in our society. Seventy or eighty percent of people have backaches and of those a good proportion of these people will miss work or something they like to do. Absenteeism in the workforce is a huge concern for business and industry. Workers missing time as a result of back related ailments accounts for millions of lost dollars a year in Canada. Chiropractors are considered to be most efficient for treating these problems in the present and the future. The lack of benefit of acetaminophen in the treatment of back pain has just been released. This was one of the staples in the medical treatment of these ailments and it has been shown to be ineffective. Chiropractic has been shown to be much more effective than medical treatment for acute low back pain than acetaminophen.

Physiotherapy is also a common treatment, but is not as effective as chiropractic in the majority of cases. Chiropractic helps people with low back aches because as chiropractors we have access to the tools of physiotherapy with the addition of the powerful tools of spinal manipulation. The best therapy by far is chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy. In the Manga Report, commissioned by the Ontario government, chiropractic was listed as the most optimal choice for back aches because it got patients better twice as fast for half the cost of standard medical treatments like medications and physiotherapy. The medical journals now tell medical doctors that it is prudent to refer patients to chiropractors as they are the treatment specialists.

Dr Ronald Linzner is a chiropractor for back pain, in Barrie, Ontario, specializing in the treatment of back aches and disorders of the spine and peripheral joints. The best choice for back pain is chiropractic and with Dr Ronald Linzner B.Sc., D.C. you’ll find yourself in great hands.

Dr Ron uses several treatment methods into his practice with the goal of being the most trustworthy and caring chiropractor for back pain. He knows that the spine can mimic many conditions and even effect areas that are not normally associated with the spine. Headaches are very common as are problems with the ribs or costovertebral joints. Headaches very commonly respond to chiropractic treatment and should be addressed as soon as possible if they occur. Patients with headaches are always very appreciative when they have been treated and helped. Other problems like gait issues are often overlooked by other professionals. Chiropractors, Dr Ronald Linzner in particular, pay special attention to how you walk and how that effects your overall well being. If your gait is not corrected you may cause an imbalance in the spine and pelvis leading to knee pain, foot pain, low back soreness and even headaches. Let Dr Ronald Linzner, a chiropractor in Barrie, be your choice for the treatment of your back, neck and foot related issues. Chiropractic is not only effective for all back ailments but also for headaches and orthotic therapy. A chiropractor like Dr Ronald Linzner can relate all of your issues together and is, therefore the one to count on for back trouble, headaches, and orthotic therapy.

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