Orthotic Motivation

As a chiropractor I have been prescribing and providing orthotics to my patients in Barrie, Ontario for nearly 20 years.  I have seen huge advancements in the practice during this time, but I have also seen many practitioners and individuals trying to capitalize on a lucrative market.

The forces that drive healthcare are often not just the benefit of the patient.  Over the years, I have witnessed more and more healthcare delivered for the benefit of the practitioner.  I ask myself, if they ever find a cure for a serious condition then what happens to all of the people who make their living promoting that cure.

I hate to say it, but there is very little advantage to researchers to release a cure as that would effectively sign their retirement papers.  Now with orthotics it’s not that serious, however, there is a huge margin of profit in it for those that are unscrupulous.

Providing an orthotic to a patient should be an act that you would do for your own family and friends for that condition.  The quality of the orthotics you provide should always be what you would offer to your family and friends.  If it isn’t good enough for you, don’t do it to someone else in order to profit on the service.

I have already stated that I’m a chiropractor for back pain and have been dealing with orthotics in Barrie for nearly 20 years.  My orthotic practice has evolved to the point it is today through education, improved equipment and through an understanding of what makes them work.  This has required a combination of time and attentiveness on my part.

My first orthotic was made using a foam cast and delivered to a patient as an experiment.  This patient had long standing low back pain and odd foot mechanics.  The patient’s condition improved and he was very happy.  My second attempt at providing an orthotic was very similar.  I even made a few dollars doing it.  It was then that I decided that I needed to learn more on the subject.

I took courses, read studies and even became a Footmaxx Accredited Clinician.  I also switched from standard foam casting to a more accurate system that digitally monitors the foot’s gait cycle and designs an orthotic to correct the patient’s function from what it currently is, towards normal.  Today I still offer a rendition of this technique.

With 2016’s technology and the ability to offer 3D modelling, the product that the patient gets here is top quality and second to none in performance.

Some patients have asked why certain chain stores offer, what they call, orthotics for such a cheap price.  I explained that the price of an orthotic is in its individuality.  They need to be made professionally, one at a time according to a patient’s exact measurements.  The raw materials are worth essentially nothing.  It’s the perfect combination of these materials through which the orthotic is created and the value is added.  The chain store is just selling you an off-the-shelf.  It’s not a true orthotic and often not worth what they’re charging as one size most often doesn’t not fit all.

Where I run into difficulty is with practitioners that are offering either cheap off the shelf renditions of orthotics or providing them solely for the purpose of their own profit.  It’s not illegal to make a profit from providing a healthcare service, but it’s important that the service is reasonable.  I also like to think that we as professionals should be providing only the best and the most accurate product.  There are enough charlatans that can provide the junk without falling under the guise of being a doctor or a professional.

I provide only the best quality treatment and product at my clinic in Barrie.  I get paid for that but I give the best product at a price that is reasonable and customary.  If you’re looking for an orthotic or an assessment to see if you need an orthotic and you are in the Barrie area then do not hesitate to give me a call.

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