Summertime Tune Ups

This is the time of year that we see the most injuries at our chiropractic clinic in Barrie. Most of these result from increased activities. Patients that have been cooped up all winter are ready to hit the ground running in the Spring and Summer. They go from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle overnight.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s a great idea to be active and live an active and healthy life, but we can’t do it all at once. Unless you’ve kept up with some form of exercise during the Winter, trying to go full steam ahead with a fitness regimen at once can result in a serious setback.

In order for our bodies to function at a higher level, they need to work up to it. That means starting with a small increase in activity and then adding to that with time. We can increase the level of activity when our body feels ready. If we do it that way then we are less likely to injure ourselves. Don’t be overzealous and try to go from 0 to 60 in just one day. Start with some low impact exercises first and add more as you go each week or even every few days if you’re up for it. Be sure to warm up before you start and do a bit of cool down.

The next thing I find important is to seek help, when necessary. If you start an activity and it’s hurting you, be aware. Most likely it’s a problem with how you’re doing the activity or a problem with the joints or muscles that is easily treatable. All you need to do is ask. The difference between a weekend athlete and a professional is usually form. Those with perfect form are less likely to get injured. So work on your form. If you’re unsure what the right form is for a particular exercise, do your research or ask a professional that can give you guidance.

Your chiropractor is the perfect person to look at your situation. We are trained in musculoskeletal issues (issues that pertain to a combination of musculature and skeleton). We can decide on the appropriate course of action to get you back into tip top shape faster. A chiropractor that has some experience with sports and with those involved in sports can often help you develop a form that is not going to cause injury. This is especially important if you’ve had a prior injury or problem that could recur or get aggravated. In such cases, it’s best to consult your chiropractor ahead of time rather than deal with the fallout. It is the perfect time for a summertime tune up.

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